Ocean Studies Charter School is a K-8 leader in the movement of educating our youth and leaders of tomorrow to seek out problems and find their solutions. When we say #thefutureofoceanstudies, we aren't just talking about the new updated student centered, marine science focused facility we are working toward, but something bigger. The future of ocean studies - studying the worlds most important eco-system and it's health, decline and fate will rest in the hands of the students we are educating now. And now is the time.
We are using every day to inspire, drive, and educate the next stewards of our waters and lands - and we need your help to do this. Donate today to help us build a secure facility for our future problem solvers, guardians of our waters and responsible citizens of the world.

Students swimming in the ocean during a field trip.

Science Forward

As our school grows, so does our Marine Science program.  Scientific equipment, technology, sea life tanks, field labs and touch tanks are central to our curriculum and student learning.

"Sea of Thanks"

Small and inspiring or large and impactful . . . show your support with a one of a kind custom metal sea animal art piece to be showcased on our Donor Recognition wall display in the main entry of our school!

Students examining fish tanks.
Student on bike poses in front of the Ocean Studies Charter School construction sign.

Capital Campaign

With your support to raise $3,300,000, the school can own and operate a dedicated educational facility built to meet the needs of current and future generations of ocean guardians and good citizens of the world.