Volunteer at Ocean Studies!

Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteering is an essential role of all Ocean Studies parents. Each parent is required to volunteer a minimum of 15 hours. Volunteering may happen at home, on or off campus during school hours, or on or off campus outside of school hours. Application process for volunteering with students

  1. The applicant must submit the completed Volunteer Application to the School Administrative Manager. Proper identification such as a driver’s license will be needed. Volunteers must submit a new application each school year.

  2. All applicants must register with the Monroe County VISA program, found at www.keysschools.com. Finger printing may be necessary in some instances. The cost of finger printing will be assumed by the applying parent.

  3. A file of all applicants will be maintained in the front office.

  4. All applicants will be notified of the results and volunteer status by the School Administrative Manager.

  5. Upon request, volunteers may remove their names from the school’s volunteer list at any time during the school year by contacting the Principal.



  1. Report to the office to sign in and out if volunteering happens on campus. 

  2. Obtain and wear an identification badge provided by the school while volunteering on campus.

  3. Follow directions of school staff, recognizing that instructing, supervising, grading and disciplining students are the responsibility of school staff.

  4. Collaborate with staff members to obtain clear expectations, directions and to give feedback on volunteer activities.

  5. It is the family's responsibility to log their volunteer hours each year.  Complete the form below EACH time you volunteer.  You may also obtain hard copies of volunteer forms from the front office.

Expectations of Volunteers

  1. Be responsible for your scheduled times and notify the school if you are not able to meet your commitment.

  2. Do not discuss matters concerning students with anyone but the designated school staff.

  3. Be professional in all matters. Appropriate dress and behavior are required for working with students. Remember that you are setting an example for students.

Possible Volunteer Opportunities

Box Tops                                   Christmas Float                        Beach clean-up

PTO                                              Sand Sculpting                          School Beautification

Class Parties                           Silent Auction                           After-School Club Host

Book Fair                                   Holiday Store                            Green Team (Landscaping)

STEAM Fair                              Talent Show                               End of Year Performance

Yearbook                                  Sweetheart Dance                   Photography & Art Show and much more!

Download the Volunteer Packet here! 

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